August 10, 1932

Roxie Miss.
Wed. Night

My dear Sweetheart,

I mailed a short note from Natchez last night. It was written on the steering wheel of your car. After the truck wheel was repaired we got the culvert loaded and we reached home at 12 last night. The road was dry and the truck came over OK. Mr. Darden and Revah are running true to form. Test today shows about one foot more sand but we think it came into little curb from the bottom. We like to think that Pharoh [sic] did not move. Mr. Darden and Mother wished that you and W W had come by here. They send regards. If we have good luck we should be able to try the door next Tuesday. It will take about a day to get the door open.

August 10, 1932

August 10, 1932

I have no news of importance at this time. With the exception of Revah’s elbow bumper the health is 100%.

Tell Walter White that I am expecting him to be a good boy and that I will be glad to see him when he comes back on the train. Also I hope that he and Ina are having a good time.

With lots of love,