March 31, 1931

This is a letter to Ina from Anna Laake, wife of one of Walter’s colleagues in Texas. From the address on the envelope, we learn that Walter and Ina were living at 10 Elmwood Ave., Charleston, SC.

Dallas, Texas

Dear Mrs. Dove and family:

I have thought of you dear people so often and wondered how you were and what you are doing and after seeing Dr. Dove’s name in the paper to-nite I could not resist writing and enclosing the item.

March 31, 1931

March 31, 1931

Ina I received your letter and also Claudelle’s card which I enjoyed. I know you two are happy to be together again. And so you have found the old town more interesting with Claudelle’s help. I know you must be busy with your house full and I am certain that Walter White is receiving his full share of attention from “all.”

The weather has been just beautiful until the last week and we have had two bad freezes that have ruined many flowers and fruit.

Ernest visited me, arriving Friday evening March 20 – and left Tuesday March 24. He was just out of the hospital, having had a pretty bad case of flu. He came by auto and made it in two days – fortunately the weather was good during the trip and while he was here. He went back by train. I received a letter yesterday saying he was O.K.

You remember Mrs. Parish of Menard? Well the baby arrived O.K. about a month ago. They are so pleased with “him.” Ernest had Mr. Parish to come here while he was in Dallas. Ernest was so busy I saw very little of him while he was here. I can hardly realize he was here.

With very best regards to every one and a big hug for Walter White. I am