December 13, 1930

Saturday Night.

My dear Sweetheart & Buddy,

Yours of Friday AM came this noon. I note that Daddy Lewis is up to his old tricks yet. The trade sounds like a good one. From what you tell me of the location it seems OK. It should be close enough to the High School, in case the apartments are not rented to year-around residents. If three apartments are rented now, the chances are pretty good.

December 13, 1930

December 13, 1930

We have not yet had our lien fixed up. I am figuring with a loan man for the Savings Bank of Detroit. His proposition is a 10 year pay at the rate of $12.50 per month on each thousand. This includes prin and interest and there are no other renewal charges. There is a brokerage fee. At this rate our house would almost pay out from the rent. This would seem to be OK if we made a trade for something else or if we sold. I am investingating other propositions. I think I have time enough to do so.

My first series of experiments are not yet giving results. I fed the mites on a pig about the time the fever was subsiding. Since then I used another animal just about the time he came down with fever. Tonight I am feeding a third lot on an animal just beginning the fever. This will make three series of experiments, two of which should give transmissions. The first lot may come through. For they sometimes go about 12 days before they come down. I am pushing it all I can for I am anxious to complete the work.

Jimmie writes that there is no hurry about returning but that he misses us. Says Mr. Hall makes it pretty embarassing at times. Bruce says that Hall is running true to form. Looks like another Abbott in some ways. Hope we can find out about him before it is time for his wife to return. I have a lot of sympathy for her, but that does not make the lab work go as it should.

With lots of love, Honey, I am