June 12, 1930

Stationery from the Hotel Mayflower, Jacksonville, Florida – “Radio in every room.”

June 12, 1930
8 PM.

My dear Sweetheart,

Arrived this morning at 7:30. I met a train for B but he did not show up. At Mr. Filby’s office I learned that B will arrive tomorrow morning and that he and I are going down the state. Mr. Filby and a number of the state and city Health folks are attending a meeting at Tallahassee today. I met Dr. Barker at the City Health Dept. He recognized me and spent about one-half of the day with me. We called upon everyone in that building and then one of the Commissioners, Dr. Baker had me eat lunch with him. He was very courteous and showed me every consideration. He planned an appointment for B and I for 11 o’clock tomorrow. The appointment is with Mr. Engle, one who has a half million invested in St. Georges Island, an island just across the St. John’s from Mayport. Think they are going to ask us to make studies down there. It is 20 miles from Jax.

June 12, 1930

June 12, 1930

This PM I called on Dr. Kirby-Smith at St. Vincent’s hospital. He had a nightmare a few nights ago and jumped from a window of the second floor of his home. Luckily, he landed on grass instead of concrete. His head missed the concrete just a little ways. He has some bad bruises on the face, hands and limbs. He hopes to return home tonight and to be in his office Sat or Mon. I did not see the children but his mother-in-law came while I was there. Kirby says the taxes on the new home amount to $100 per month.

The radio is giving me the WJAX program. I guess I’ll listen to the Sharkey fight.

Kirby says that he does not see as many cases of C.E. now. He thinks that knowledge of the causation and the publication of the news by the state Board of Health is responsible for the reduction in the number of cases. Kirby says they have published several short articles and that White and Dove have been mentioned several times.

With love,