June 11, 1930

11 A.M.
June 11 – En route to Jax.

My dear Sweetheart,

Spent last night in New Orleans with Jimmie. He was feeling as fine as ever. I slept at his room and was with him until my train left this morning. Will meet B at Jax – 8:25 tomorrow morning. If I can get a Ford roadster delivered before July 1st I may drive to Biloxi and meet Jimmie there. In that event our survey will start from there. Have not learned anything of Jimmie’s Civil Service exams. He was the only Freshman at his fraternity house to pass all subjects this year. His roommate has to take bio-chemistry during the summer. A number of the students have to spend the summer in passing courses failed during the year. Tulane does not have a summer session and they go elsewhere for the work.

June 11, 1930

June 11, 1930

The trip was not hot. Some dust but as a whole OK. Everything is very dry.

Hope Walter White continues on good behavior and that you and Claudelle are getting along OK with just one Walter.

With love,


I love you lots. Walter White too.