May 25, 1930 (Noon)

Sunday Noon.

My dear Sweetheart,

We returned about five o’clock yesterday PM. Mrs. Laake had invited me to eat dinner with them. Mr. & Mrs. Chandler were there also. It was another chicken dinner and it was just fine. I didn’t enjoy the cards one bit. Spent the night with the Laakes and had breakfast over there this A.M. Had some rats and parasites that needed attention so I came back to the lab. Shelmire and his son (JB) came about 11 o’clock and stayed for a while. One of the rats bit his finger.

May 25, 1930 (Noon)

May 25, 1930 (Noon)

I am going to stop at a restaurant for dinner and then go home. This AM I forwarded a letter from Mrs. Crowley of Nome. Had one from Miller. He is going to Kuskokwim this summer on a range survey.

It was a joy to find your letter when I returned. Will send the Dextrose-Maltose tomorrow. I think a smaller can is OK since there is very little saving in buying the large size.

Hope the company did not give you more to do. You have your hands full with Walter White. I certainly miss you two. I am mighty anxious to see you.

With love