May 23, 1930

Letterhead from “North Louisiana Hotel Co., Inc. – New and Fireproof – Gregg Hotel, Longview, Texas”

Friday night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

We have been making good time and the results are quite good. We left Dallas at noon yesterday, arrived Gilmore about 5:30 PM. Saw the two physicians, arranged for samples of blood of patients and for trapping rats, then came here for the night. This morning we did the same routine here and drove to Henderson. Got two blood samples, histories of cases, a rat and some rat nests there and returned here for another night. Tomorrow we pick up catches of rats and blood samples here and at Gilmore and will return to Dallas tomorrow night. We are finding more cases of suspected typhus than we dreamed of. About 100 cases at Longview alone during the past three years. We get a report of the seasonal incidence of all these tomorrow A.M. It seems that we left Dallas several days ago – things moved so quickly. Cooperation has been splendid.

May 23, 1930

May 23, 1930

The cases are old cases, except 2 at Gilmore but they give us some good dope. It may be pretty hard to quit for the Carolina work.

I love you Sweetheart, Walter White too, and I am anxious to see you. Hope to have a letter when I get back.


Hope Thelma is getting along OK.