May 20, 1930

May 20, 1930-

My dear Honey Bird,

Your letter came this Noon. I had begun to think that perhaps Walter White was not well and that you did not care to tell me. Had I not heard from you today I intended to phone you tonight.

May 20, 1930

May 20, 1930

I am sending Claudelle part of my thesis for copying. If she is busy with the new company or fixing dresses for herself or anything, do not let her bother about the copy. If she does copy it I’d appreciate any changes she may make which will improve the English or add to the clearness of thought.

Today has been a hot day. It looks like we might have a little dry weather for a change.

The house looks just fine. The hedge is planted along the west side, but of course it is very small. It extends from the corner of the fence to the side-walk.

I saw the little Chamberlain girl on her porch this AM. I think they were away Sat PM & Sunday. They are so quiet over there that I can’t tell when they are at home.

Hon about Walter White’s “Double Sugar” Dextrose-Maltose? Does he need another can now or should I bring it with me about the first of the month? I’d like to see you now but I can’t start any new work at Uvalde. Besides I have more than I can do here. The trip to Longview & vicinity will probably add more to my lot. Then the Shelmire paper will need the attention of both he and I.

I love you Sweetheart and it seems like an awful long time since I saw you and Walter White.

With love,