July 6, 1927

July 6, 1927 – The Lab

My Dear Sweetheart,

Had one letter at the Apt & another came in the mail this noon. They make me feel so much better. There was also a letter at the Apt from Mrs. Roark. I read it and am forwarding it to you. I gave Mrs. Rankin $1 to hire a woman to go over the woodwork in the Apt. She is very anxious for us to come back when you return.

July 6, 1927

July 6, 1927

As yet I do not know when I can come to Uvalde, but I hope it will not be long. I have some supplies to come yet and I want to make some media before I leave. The sterilizer came yesterday. Have not tried it yet.

I am going to try and improve the finish on the car. I would not want the Uvalde people to see it as it was. Think I can improve it some. Will not change the color.

I love you, Dear, with all my heart.