June 12, 1926

Sat Nite 7:30 PM.

My Dear Honey Bunch,

We have just returned from dinner. Dr. Roark and I are going up to Bakers about 8 o’clock. Tomorrow at 1:30 we will eat dinner with the Bishopps.

June 12, 1926

June 12, 1926

This PM I gave your car a coat of blue which I believe is about the same shade as the original color. During the week I have been using sandpaper and it looks as though it will be a fair job. The garage is not very tight and the dust settles on it some but I doubt if it affects it very much. I gave the wheels the same shade of blue. Apparently they were blue, judging from the color when I sandpapered. I am not doing anything to the black metal work, but will polish so that it looks OK with the fresh painting. Don’t expect too much as I am not an expert auto painter. The job is not perfect by any means but I believe it looks better. I hope that you will not be disappointed.

Had a note from Dr. Larimer thanking for a C.E. reprint. He sends his regards to you, also.

The Fulford letter does not tell us much but we should have a letter from the Realty Co. with an idea of the sale price.

Sweetheart, I certainly do love you and I never want to be separated from you again. It seems ages since you left. I try to keep busy and that helps some but nothing can take the place of being with my sweetheart. I love you love you love you.

Your, Walter.

P.S. Dr. Roark and I found the lighted fountain in Oak Cliff last night. It is very fine. Am sorry that you and I did not locate it.