June 11, 1926

Friday 1PM. The Lab.

My Dear Little Girl,

Your real sweet letter came this morning as usual and you don’t know how much they mean to me. Mrs. Bucklin also phoned this morning to find out how the “Little Dove” was getting along. Says that she certainly misses you. She hasn’t worked lately. Was going to see a physician but said that she wasn’t seriously ill. Mrs. Pettit’s number is 4502 Columbia.

June 11, 1926

June 11, 1926

Dear, I knew that I was going to miss you and I intended to keep it to myself but it can’t be done. I hope that we will never be separated again. It helps to visit with Dr. Roark etc. but I am lost when it is meal time and also in the evenings when I should be with you.

I have one lesion on my arm which is quite distinct but it has the reddish appearance and is not yet elevated sufficiently. The hot weather helps. This is not a new one but one I had a month ago when we walked down to the Buckner Park. It has required a much longer period than usual, which I attribute to the cooler weather. I am greatly encouraged as it came from the mites.

8 PM-

Am at P.O. so will close.

I love you Dear with all my heart.


Am enclosing a letter from Alvis.