June 10, 1926

June 10. Thurs Nite – The Lab.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I have just written to Mother Dove and I came very near addressing this letter to Roxie, Miss. That accounts for the erasure on the envelope. I certainly do not like the idea of being separated from my “Honey Bunch.” I haven’t told you how much I miss you, but the past week seems like ages. I didn’t know that a week could seem so long. I realize how much Mother Lewis missed you when we were married.

June 10, 1925

June 10, 1925

Dr. Roark and I drove to Owenwood and the Fair Park after supper, and then by the post office. Your letter came this AM so I did not expect one tonight, but he had one from Mrs. Roark. I have had lots of visits with him recently. He is somewhat disappointed that Bish did not have the work going. Dr. Roark has been here ten days and Bish has not yet gotten the materials. I told him that he should not blame Laake or Brundy as they would have had things going if it had been left to them.

This PM I printed pictures from 1 to 5 PM. Have been at this during the past three afternoons. Most of them were Mr. Parman’s & many of them were ones that I made down there last summer. The C.E. infection looks more encouraging since the hot weather began. I believe that my physical exercise helped some.*

Friday AM.

Good morning. I hope you slept well. I did. Am waiting for Dr. Roark & we will eat. He and Laake are golfing again this A.M.

I love you lots and lots & lots.


* To see if his hypothesis about the cause of creeping eruption (larva migrans) was right, Walter tried to give himself a case of it. He inoculated his arm with a pure isolate of the nematode he thought was responsible. In upcoming letters he’ll be talking about the progress of this self-experiment.