June 5, 1926

Saturday 5PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

The enclosed letter from Mrs. Stampley is self explanatory. I have written to her for both of us but if you care to write it would be nice. It is not necessary. I am a poor hand to offer sympathy, but I did the best I could in a letter.

June 5, 1926

June 5, 1926

The sleeping porch was very comfortable and I enjoyed it last night. Lee left last evening for a visit over the week end, but will be with me almost constantly when he returns. Dr Roark and I are going to take breakfast and dinner at Mrs. O’Callaghan’s. She says that she doesn’t love me anymore. She didn’t know that we were married or in the city. Don’t know how I’ll explain. Wish you could have known her.

This AM I checked out with the Gas Co. & Light Co. Also paid Sangers & the North Texas Trust Co. Left the car for the top repair. I couldn’t bring it to Uvalde with the top patched like that. Am having a new strip put in.

Have no exciting news. Things at the Lab are about as usual.

No doubt I’ll get your letter tomorrow morning. Am anxious to know if you arrived safely.

I love you Dear, with all my heart.