May 7, 1926 (Walter to Ina’s parents)

4505 Columbia Ave.
Dallas, Texas.
May 7, 1926.

My Dear Mother Lewis,

It was not my intention to wait until Mothers’ Day to write to you. I always have the feeling that Ina writes for both of us and that letters addressed to either of us belong to both of us. I know that Ina must have told you that both of us are happy. I want you to know that I am as happy and as proud of my wife as one could be. Some one frequently compliments her to me, and I know that I am not the only one who knows how lucky I was to get such a wonderful girl. When I think of all her good qualities, and all of hers are good, I realize that most of the credit is yours.

May 7, 1926 (Walter to Ina's parents)

May 7, 1926 (Walter to Ina's parents)

Hoping that Mothers’ Day will be a bright one for you, and with love, I am,

Always your,

P.S. by Mama,
Yes it was terrible about the A&M boy. Tell Lois to be careful how she encourages Bert, and you and Lucille do be careful about the Bus Driver.

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  1. Tom Dove

    Some things have changed since 1926 when they lived in a bungalow at this address. Google Street View shows a pawn shop on the now-commercial corner!
    — Tom

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