December 8, 1925

The Beach. Dec 8th
Tuesday Nite.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Have had a letter from Mr. B and he wants me to stay in Fla as long as I can during this month. Expect to leave here about the 18th, and will not plan on going to Dallas before I come to Uvalde. I want to be with you a day or two before the wedding.

December 8, 1925

December 8, 1925

We could then go to Mississippi via Dallas, but stop there just long enough to leave some things. I want to leave some of my work, and also a trunk which I will check to San Antonio then to Dallas.

Sister says that Marshall cannot get away on account of book work, and she wants us to come to see her at their home. If not, she would come to my Mother’s but she does not want to leave him. It would probably be well to go to my Mother’s first and then go up to see her.

To eat Christmas dinner with my Mother would mean some travel, and I am of the opinion that we had better tell her to expect us on the 26th. We could make it the 25th for dinner if trains were running on time, but that is doubtful.

I was with the Roarks Sunday and at noon yesterday I had them to eat lunch with me in Jax. They like Jax very much, and both of them were delighted with the beach. Mrs. Roark thought it would be ideal for a honeymoon. After lunch Monday, she kept an appointment with a dentist. They expected to leave Jax this AM for points in the southern part of the state. They were also going on the West Coast & to Marco Island where I stopped on my last trip.

The time will soon be here, Dear, and I’ll be a mighty happy human. I love you lots & lots.