December 5, 1925

The Beach, Sat PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I haven’t had mail yesterday nor today so there will probably be a letter from you tonight. Some times the mail train leaves Jax without the mail. It is a poor service. As yet I have not seen Dr. & Mrs. Roark as I missed them in town yesterday, but I’ll attempt to see them again Monday. They leave their rooming place early in the morning and cannot be reached during the day unless one knows where they are going.

December 5, 1925

December 5, 1925

I had lunch with Dr KS yesterday noon and in the afternoon he took me out to the new home. It is very beautiful and is arranged conveniently. Can’t say that I like the antique furniture, but lots of people appreciate it. When the house is completed and furnished it will not have the appearance of a new one, but will be home like etc. It is an English style. I have an idea that we can have a home which you and I would like better and which would cost considerably less. His lot was 18,500 and the house is costing about $50,000*.

Dear, I have not yet said anything to Rev. Campbell but will do so a few days before the 23d. The time is getting nearer all the time and before long the long looked for wedding will take place. Should I have anything to do about making arrangements for the church? If so, let me know. I expect to come a couple of days before the wedding. Will let you know when to expect me. I want to do this so that I can help with preparations etc.

With a sweet goodnight, I love you,


Sunday AM.

Dear, I did not get this in the mail last night. Dr. & Mrs. Roark drove down. They had purchased a used Willys Knight & came down in it. We drove up the beach & then had supper. I am going to St. Augustine with them today. They will be here soon.

I was called out of bed at 3AM. The lady next door died with a stroke. Could not do anything for her. She was dead when they came over. A physician came about one hour later but I have sent telegrams for the family by that time.

Lots of love,

* $644,777 in 2011 dollars.