November 4, 1925

Wednesday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I had a real good letter from you last night and I feel much better now. I was worried until I received this one. It is a bit cold here now and the wind is blowing, but it isn’t very disagreeable. Yesterday was the same way. I spent the day in Jax. Dr. K.S. said it had been a long time since I had seen him and it was interesting to visit. He is not going to the meeting in Dallas, but thinks he would like to go to Dallas in June when the A.M.A. have their meeting. I imagine we will return to Florida just after that meeting in June.

November 4, 1925

November 4, 1925

Yesterday’s paper gave an account of land purchase in the west part of Jax for developmental purposes. Said $500,000.00 was paid for a large tract, but it did not give the acreage and location. The company are ones who developed three sections near Miami and they are high class and restricted. This development will be of some value in boosting our acreage though I cannot tell much about it right now. Ours is higher than anything they could have purchased and should make a good residential section. I had a notion of selling one of the tracts, but I don’t know whether it is wise or not. It might be better to sell the Fulford one, though I am not anxious to turn it loose either. If we had the Dallas home in Jax we could hold onto all.

I am as busy as can be Dear, and it seems that the work goes slow at that. It requires lots of time and attention.

With worlds of love, Dear, I am