October 14, 1925 (Ina)

Wednesday Night.
Oct. 14, 1925.

My dearest Walter:

It was late before I finished work this evening and I’m tired and sleepy tonight so I will continue this note tomorrow and post it tomorrow afternoon. Mr. Burney wants me to work again in the morning but I think I can finish by noon tomorrow.

October 14, 1925 (Ina)

October 14, 1925 (Ina)

I love you, Sweetheart, just as much when I’m tired as I do when I’m rested.


Thursday afternoon.
After washing dishes.


I didn’t work long this morning, and had the honor of coming home in the rain. The little Ford and I did some fantastic dancing on the slippery road, but I finally succeeded in guiding it safely home. It was quite a task at times when I was not a successful mind reader. How did I know when it was going to suddenly jerk around to the left or right like a person turning clear around to see who is coming? I didn’t get ditched though, all for which I am duly grateful.

My work down at the office would have been very pleasant had it not been for the District Judge. Of course a Judge is necessary, but, by the time Court adjourned this term I feel sure that you couldn’t get a single soul to testify that this particular Judge would ever be necessary anywhere. Honey, he is as cross as a bear all the time. Honestly, I didn’t dare even suspect that such a disposition existed on earth. He is rather old, and is a widower (I don’t know whether it’s grass or sod, but if his wife is dead, I know she’s glad – poor woman!) I wouldn’t be a lawyer, or a witness or a juror or a little puppy or anything in his court for anything on earth if I could help it because his tone of voice can make you fear for your life. I’m ‘most scared to death of him. He orders the lawyers to “sit DOWN!!-!!**!!!” Bang!!! Just like that. And if they don’t, he threatens to send them to jail or do anything else he wants to with them. During the spring term of court this year, as the Judge was leaving the courthouse, a young lawyer whom he had abused (verbally) considerably in the courtroom, greeted him at the front door with his fist and knocked him down. The town (the people who knew him not) said it was an outrage, a young man taking advantage of an old gentleman like that etc. etc., and I shared in the general opinion most heartily, but now – I almost respect the young man for doing it. Of course it looks cowardly, ungentlemanly etc., but this man has the rare quality of working up the rage of a person who is sure absolutely that he possesses no temper whatsoever. I couldn’t help but sort of tremble when he was around and he was a little cross to me once, but he shocked me this morning when he started to leave by heartily shaking my hand, complimenting me very highly on my work, (and he called me “Little Girl” twice!!, telling Mr. Burney that he just must have me to help him next spring during court, and, wishing me a happy and prosperous year, he threatened to give me a box of candy but failed to do so in his rush to catch his train. I’m glad he didn’t give me the candy though, because he needs it and lots more to sweeten his disposition.

Now! Your descriptions of Dr. White are mild compared with that, aren’t they?

Sweetheart, I have been thinking all along that it would be nice to have the wedding about Thanksgiving as Claudelle would be here anyway and would also at that time be here a few days with Mama after we left. Of course I don’t want it to appear that I am “rushing” you in the least because I know as well as you know that that would be a most unladylike thing to do. I realize that we can’t set a date yet as you don’t know where you will be or when or anything but perhaps you will know before long. At the time that is convenient for you to be married, I will be married at that same time too. Sweetheart, if, sometime while you’re “resting” you’ll make out a list of the friends and relatives to whom you want invitations sent you can send the list to me so that I will know how many invitations to order when we set the date. Since it is to be a church wedding, I expect my list to be rather long as I want to invite all my friends, and I want you to feel free to make yours as long as you like. As for where I would like to spend Christmas, I’d like to spend it wherever you do. I want to hang up my stocking right by the side of yours so Santa Claus will be sure to find it. Any of the three places you mentioned would be fine I think, if you were there.

Dear, I love you an awful lot, and I’d be mighty glad if I could see you right now.

Always, your