October 8, 1925

The Beach.
Thursday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Yours of Sat Nite and the real estate letter of Sunday might have just been received. I appreciated the fact that you wrote just what you did, and in a way our opinions are very similar. It was not my intention to buy more real estate until I have sold some that I now have, and I agree with you. It may seem that I am letting my enthusiasm overcome my good judgement, but I have considered and investigated before talking and in no case have I acted on the spur of the moment.

October 8, 1925

October 8, 1925

The Florida boom has been affecting Jacksonville only about one year, but it is the largest and most substantial city in the state and there is every reason to believe that it will be permanent growth. New industries are coming. Its location as the distributing point for the state and as an export city give it a distinct advantage. When I consider that its population was the same as Dallas in 1913, I can visualize a normal growth which would equal that of Dallas in the same length of time. But it is developing more rapidly, and without going into a lengthy discussion of it, I will let you judge for yourself when you come down. In the meantime you can rest assured that my next activity in real estate will be to sell.

If we make a reasonable profit on what we now have it will go a long ways toward the home we are going to have. That is what I am thinking about, Dear, and I know that is what you have on your mind too. It is my intention to get it clear and then keep it clear so that anything else will not affect our home.

It is getting late and I am a bit tired. Have been very busy today. Am even working while writing this letter. I “fixed” some tissue this afternoon and it has to be handled at frequent intervals until it is brought to a percentage of alcohol sufficient to preserve it.

With a real sweet goodnight and with a heart filled with love for you, I am,