July 10, 1924

Thursday Nite
July 10th

My Dear Ina,

Does that sound too familiar? I hope not.

You don’t know how glad I am to get the photo and the Kodak pictures of yourself. They are the next thing to seeing you, which is more than I have the nerve to tell you. You didn’t answer my letter until you had the birthday and then you very modestly told me how you were enjoying it. You are a good one. Maybe it was because you did not want me to send anything. I hope not, for I am taking the liberty to send something anyway. Please accept it, for it is more fun for me to send it than you imagine. I wouldn’t like you near so well if you didn’t take it. I know that you feel that maybe you don’t know me quite well enough and I rather think that your mother would feel the same way, but please try to feel that you do know me well enough. I’d be very glad.

July 10, 1924

July 10, 1924

It was mighty sweet of you to send the photo and you can bet your life that I’ll take good care of it until you want it. I believe that you look younger now than you did at 18, but the smile is just the same. I’ll keep it with me and it will be a real pleasure to have it when I am in Florida. You won’t seem quite so far away. Of the Kodak pictures I like all of ‘em best. All of them are good.

I am just as happy as a kid with a toy. I made the deal and traded in the Elgin today. I looked for quite a while and came back to the little brick-veneer I tried to describe to you. Maybe I can draw a little diagram which would give you some idea.

Dallas house plan

Dallas house plan

This is some drawing and I don’t have room to show the back yard, but it’s there just the same. Tall Johnson grass and brick bats. The garage is just a frame building and at the back of the lot.

I have a negro engaged to plow up the Johnson grass and re-sod with Bermuda. I guess he started this afternoon, cause he didn’t wan “to start no job on Friday.” He started one job on Friday and the following Monday had his finger cut off, so he won’t do it again. The curtain man will put them up tomorrow afternoon. I bought 21 so I guess there are 18 windows. The rear bed room has 6. 3 of the curtains are for doors. The 2 front doors and the ones between the living room and dining room are French.

I expect to get the lawn in pretty good shape and will arrange to have it watered regularly. May start a hedge and put in a few shrubs too, as the nursery people take care of them at first and guarantee them to live.

Don’t know whether I’ll ever live here or not but I want it attractive, for it is the house that one would like to live in that sells. It can’t help but increase in value and if I rent it, the rent will now take care of the payments pretty well. Others to be constructed of the same size but varying in design will be put on the market at $750 more than what I am paying. Will take a Kodak picture before I go to Florida and will send you one. You may think I’m crazy to tell so much about the house, but pardon me, as it is like a new toy to a kid.

The little girl (10) living next door didn’t know why I should want a house. She wanted some one to move there so that she would have some one to play with.

You say that there is nothing of importance on which we disagree, and I have been wondering if there is anything. You must know of something. What is it? Could it be that you think that I drink? Will tell you to what extent. Last Christmas I got a pint in South Dak. and it is yet 5/6 full. I have had one egg nog out of it. If you want the balance of it I’ll bring it down to you. I have never been a drunk and have had very little to drink, even in France. I believe my bad habit is smoking and maybe that’s what you think of. If it is, please tell me. I know that your Dad doesn’t have the habit. I do get an awful lot of comfort out of it and as far as I can tell, it has never been detrimental.

Mr. Parman has a good sense of humor, but in this case it is the Dove who needs the hunting license.

If possible I shall try to leave here Saturday night so that I can be at home for a few days. Won’t you write me soon to Roxie so that I can get it before I go to Fla. I’d be mighty glad to hear from you when I am with my mother and sister. I’ll probably not be there very many days but I’d like a letter anyway.