July 7, 1924

Dallas – Mon. Nite

My Dear Ina,

Haven’t heard whether I can address you this way or not, but I am taking the chance and am leaving off the “Miss.” Mrs. Roark gave me two sets of the Kodak pictures one for yourself, and I am taking the liberty to write an extra note in sending them.

I am mighty glad to have some of you though I wish they would show your face more distinctly. These are all that I have of you and I prize them just the same. I haven’t made my trade as yet, but I am about sold on the idea of a brick veneer cottage in Owenwood addition. I guess I should take my chances with a lot or two but so far I haven’t found any that I want to take that much chance with. These new cottages are just completed, brick veneer, living room, dining room, 2 bed rooms, bath, large pantry, kitchen, back porch screened, and front porch small but with bricked sides, cement walks, paving, garage with cement drive. House completed with all fixtures electrical and plumbing with Hoffman instantaneous water heater, also piped for gas. Has every modern convenience except telephone and they will be there this Winter. Located 1 block from end of car line with paving all the way. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that they have hardwood floors, plenty of windows some narrow ones on either side of the large ones, built in book cases, brick mantel and fireplace, big closet in each bed room, built in linen closet and medicine cabinet in bath room. Kitchen sink built with drain boards on either side. The brick are dark color and the shingle roof is green. They are back from the walk about 40 feet (this is a guess) but they are back further than the average, which allows room for a pretty fair size lawn and shrubs. Have two trees between pavement and sidewalks. The whole lot is quite level but slopes enough to drain well. Grass about knee high just now.

July 7, 1924

July 7, 1924

You might think it rather peculiar that I would go into this description which is quite a vague one, but I thought you might be interested. That’s about all I’ve thought of since I returned and I naturally have to tell you something. There are about nine of these cottages together and five of these have been sold and families are living there. The whole addition are brick veneer cottages but vary in design. Most of them are occupied. This addition is quite high, higher than the business section and it is about four blocks of where the new million dollar Ford plant is under construction. As I see it this section will have to develop and property values will have to increase. Mr. Laake says it is a real buy and I believe he wishes that his home was out there. This Ford plant will have 1750 men employed which means about 1000 homes. This residence section is the most desirable for them and it can’t help but develop. As a home it will be very desirable and as an investment it will be good. Don’t know which I’ll use it for in case I close the deal, but it will be great either way. I probably won’t know for sure about the deal for a couple of days, as I expect to look over some more tomorrow and possibly the next day.

I may leave for Mississippi the latter part of the week as Mr. B and I are supposed to be at Jacksonville Fla. on the 20th, and he is anxious to get there earlier so as to return and fill an engagement at Texas A&M on the 30th. I’ll write you again before I leave and I am in hopes that I’ll have a letter from you tomorrow morning. It seems a long time since I had one, but I must not expect so much.

I hope you will pardon me for the crudeness of this letter as it is not intended as a real estate advertisement. I just couldn’t help but tell you.

Please remember me to your Mother and Sister.