September 28, 1925 (Walter)

Monday Night 9/28.

My Dear Sweetheart,

The letter came today, three in one, and they were mighty welcome. I certainly missed them the past few days and some how they make everything look different. I have to pinch myself, to see if it is a dream, or if it is true that I have the love of such a wonderful little girl as yourself. You mean so much to me, Dear. I guess I realize it more after I have waited an extra day or two for a letter.

September 28, 1925 (Walter)

September 28, 1925 (Walter)

I had a busy day and I feel that I accomplished quite a bit. I know that your letter helped a lot.

Had a letter from Mr. Laake today to the effect that Mr. Bishopp had written to him asking about the work and whether he considered it urgent that I join them this winter. Laake says that he would like to have me with them but that he does not want to take any steps which might be contrary to my plans. He knows of our engagement, but I haven’t written to Mr. Bishopp as yet. I’ll do so soon so that he will know what is up. No doubt Dr. Hunter mentioned it to him recently.

Am tired and sleepy, Dear, and I’ll try to chat more the next time.

With a sweet goodnight and with all the love that is possible, I am,

Always your,