September 27, 1925 (Walter)

Sunday Night 9/27

My Dear Little Girl,

No letter last night or tonight so they will probably come in a bunch. I’ll be mighty glad to get them when they do come. Have worked most of today, though I did not get up as early as usual. Couldn’t go to sleep as early last night. This time I was thinking about my work as well as yourself.

September 27, 1925 (Walter)

September 27, 1925 (Walter)

The wind has continued with occasional showers, but they did not amount to very much. There is quite a crowd in the surf. They never pay much attention to rains down here. Dr. KS rather feels disappointed if he goes fishing and it does not rain. As a whole this summer has been dry.

For some time I thought that it would be mighty fine to live here at the beach the year round. One feels that way when he finds the surf so fine. I am not so sure of it now. The salt air rusts things pretty badly, and unless one lives right on the ocean front the mosquitoes give some trouble. I am not so sure but that it is better to live at a higher elevation, but near enough the beach to drive down. This probably accounts for the fact that there has not been as much development between Jax and the Beach. The growth of Jax has been along the St. Johns river, and I expect that soon it will push to the higher elevations west of the city. We hope so anyway, for we want to cash in on the acreage.

I have no news for you, Dear, as I have been sticking so close to my work that I haven’t picked up much. Hope to hear from Mr. Bishopp before long.

I certainly do love you, Dear, and I am mighty happy to think that the time is drawing nearer for me to have you with me always.

With a sweet goodnight,